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Hello readers!

Been ages not getting in touch with you all *sincerely waving hands virtually to those who have ever visited my blog* but I thank you very much for your time and attention given to each post created here 🙂

First thing first, sincere apologies for being absent from the blog for so long. Last year, I initially intended to launch my gilangreffi.com but the project was successfully failed due to many occurrences in my offline life. Ha! Such a lame excuse, no? But seriously, I was busy with my new job and another job in campus and another job outside the two.

Just to update you, I am now moving to Mindshare Indonesia after previously serving as Publishing & Copywriting Executive in Nutrifood for a brief of time. Both Nutrifood and Mindshare are wonderful places to work for. I love Nutrifood for its superior organization values and I adore Mindshare for its global capacity, leadership, and direct learning opportunities from industry leaders.

Prior to dedicating a full service for Mindshare in March this year, I joined a three-month enrichment session as I was accepted in the firm through Media Master. A unique and rather novel endeavor to snare talent in media industry. The Media Master experience was enlightening, not to mention the great friends and mentors I met during the classes. Thanks to GroupM!

Now, I am a Media Planning Executive focused on servicing a global account from FMCH (Fast Moving Consumer Healthcare) practice. Do you know Panadol and Actifed? If you do, I manage its media business. (Anyways, if you happen to be a media vendor and you think you have a relevant proposal, be it TV program, radio activity, or print idea for the brands, shoot me an e-mail by clicking here).

Well, that is pretty much about me lately. And oh, I should announce that I have lost weight! A LOT. Really! I have cut off 20 kilos of my body weight, reducing up to approximately 17 per cent of body fat. Your curiosity has arisen? You would better be patient 🙂 This time I promise to share you tips from my personal experience to successfully trim the number down.

And before closing this re-introductory post, I acknowledge of my inconsistency to position this blog. But I love doing it this way. Hence, going forward, I might be a little bit (or a lot) random in posting. At some time, I might share my perspective in serious cases. Some other time, I would love to just jot down anything of my scrambled and noisy thoughts. Or else I would share stories and tips. Really, bear with me 🙂

Now it is lengthy that I need to end here. Coinciding the Eid El-Fitr (Islam’s Day of Victory after a full-month fasting in Ramadan), I am herewith taking time to (once again) extend my apology to all of you. May blessings be with all of us. Happy Eid Mubarak! (*)

Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak