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Film "?" (courtesy: kom101.com)

The film “?” by Hanung Bramantyo reminds me of rainbow, where different colors stand together evenly and not even try to dominate each other. The seven colors appear from one color’s refraction.

Then, what is different in life?

We are heterogeneous who happen to live next to each other (seven colors of rainbow). We worship (one) God that may be ‘refracted’ into several beliefs (the white color). What is not ideal recently is some of us (the color(s)) have tried to dominate each other. My question would be, why getting bothered when you are not bothered? Is it simply because you are dominant (quantitatively)?

This film is an alarm.

An alarm to be respectful to what (or who) is different. Yes, respect! And it is probably noteworthy that there is no need for us to be like ‘the different’ when we express that we respect ‘the different’. I still believe in Islam which teaches me to be respectful. To alert the others (which may include ‘the different’, in some cases) when they are going wrong way, peacefully; not by conducting such brutally destructive symbolic action(s).

Rainbow (courtesy: mario.wikia.com)

Going back to the rainbow ‘law’, I believe that everyone will always be happy to see rainbow (well, at least the children). We (the mature adults), as well, I suppose. Such harmony epitomized by seven colors coming from one spectrum of color (white) amaze us to the max whenever we see it.

Unfortunately, rainbow seldom comes on Earth lately. Rain and sun seem to be reluctant to appear the rainbow where the rainbow law does not work. (*)

It is a just-my-opinion short writing.