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courtesy: diabetesmine.com

Lately, I come to coffee shop like oftentimes. Yea, that much. Just FYI, I think I have been coffee-addict since last year and the addiction continues up to now. In my campus, I have Coffee Toffee shop. Well, the taste of coffee is not that good, but the price counts. I prefer going to worldwide well-known coffee shop, Starbucks.

Aside than the fact that I love coffee, how Barista (read: coffee maker or coffee master that works to create recipe of coffee or any other beverages) works captivates me. The Barista itself captivates me even more. There was once in my lifetime, the only reason I went to coffee shop is just to see a Barista personally, besides having a tall of coffee, for sure.

It is sexy and attractive. I come and come again. Until the addressed person left and being transferred to the other branch of this franchised Coffee Toffee store. Sad and helpless.

Luckily, Starbucks owns its unique attraction. I am both talking about the coffee and Barista at the same time. The coffee tastes heaven while one of Baristas has been successful to entangle my eyesight. Damn. So sexy and well-cultured. The Barista I address here happened to wave me a Hi! when I walked out the coffee shop. The Barista smiled and expressed heavenly expression that brought me into falling in love. Sigh.

I just impulsively browsed and searched for the profile and found nothing. Again, sad and helpless. Fortunately, the Barista is not (yet) transferred so I can enjoy the ‘scenery’ longer.

Thanks Lord for creating such fine-crafted creature.


And I am still imagining,