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Here I am at this moment.

Sitting on a wood chair under a tree in my campus canteen. Just now, I saw one seller on my campus canteen walked, took a plate of unfinished-finished dish, and sadly threw it to trash. She is a woman, the seller. Everyday, she sells Padangnese culinary and Gulai. I know that her cooks were not that good. But what lack off here is appreciation.

I believe she cooked with all of her heart. trying to serve kids around campus her best crafted foods. She would perhaps further believe that campus kids only deserve the best. Her effort, however should be appreciated.

As a human, I strongly hold belief that everyone deserves appreciation. No exception. It is regardless to the status you achieved or ascribed, to your position within society, to your level of intelligence, and so forth. Appreciation courages you to do better and better, and to some extent it shows your respect to others.

The unfinished-finished dish that I saw, for me, it symbolizes insult. I know it sounds extreme, but that how I felt. Whoever the eater was, he/she might have forgotten to appreciate the effort made by the seller. He/she overratingly assess him/herself over the seller’s.

My point is, such reality should not have been happened around campus. Here, gathered an educated group of people which I assume have known about how to appreciate people. I am upset. First, because I had to see her sad expression. Second, because we, as an educated group of people have disregarded appreciation.

Well, this small piece has shown you that nowadays’ generation has been lack off attitude. It is oversimplification and sole generalization. But I believe in fact, majority of us (people whose age is ranging from 18-22 years old) has done so.

Show your appreciation. Show your respect to people, by doing small thing, like finishing your lunch.


Depok, under the tree of Takor

3.06 PM