Tapping In To a Different Wavelength


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I believe there is a point of time where working individuals are dragged into a giant boredom for repeating processes they do in daily basis. In some cases, ones might feel that they go nowhere or have not done anything of impact. If none of you are feeling so, at least I am. At the very moment.

As a young soul that is often affiliated with adjectives like ambitious and contributive, I feel that doing work alone would not completely satisfy the “needs” of yours (or mine) as a youth. Our coping strategy might differ to pursue and eventually fulfill the “needs.” That’s fine. In my case, I chose to get involved in a non-profit youth organization called Indonesian Youth for SMEs (or abbreviated as IYS.)

Well, before going further with my story in IYS, I will update you on what I have been doing recently. I have been officially working full-time in media/marketing/advertising company as a Strategic Planning for over a year now. In this industry, I am challenged to think strategically and at the same time, creatively in answering client’s business issue through investment in media. And I love doing it. But I can’t lie to you that I am feeling stuck.

As an advertising worker, I might choose to join in this and that competition to get rewarded and recognized. I did yet unfortunately was unsuccessful. But I will definitely try again.

In my opinion, joining a competition would surely grow your ambition and competitive sense which might be useful to succeed in the office. But this, I think, will only give you a snapshot experience that is not really rich to stretch your capability. (No offense to competition joiners and award chasers! You are still admirable, though.)

In other hand, to join a new organization, in my point view, would advantage one as they meet and learn from new people and do work other than what s/he does daily in the office desk. This would give the chance for one to grow personally and, in some sense, professionally as they horizon is opened even vaster. So, to this regards, I chose to participate in IYS!

Briefly speaking, IYS, is a youth-run non-profit which aims at growing local SMEs by providing free-of-charge professional business consultations. The seed of IYS was firstly grown by Ela and Mulyono as IYS was the first project of theirs for the famous McKinsey’s YLI program.

As you may expect, this organization is joined by a bunch of full-of-energy, visionary, bright, and highly-driven individuals who share the same vision as the founders. Knowing them and listening to their stories gave me chill. In one side, this silently tears me apart. It feels like achievements are all over the place.

One member won this global business competition. The other was appointed as a Director in a reputable company in an age as young as 26. And a lot more thrilling stories! The stories are so getting me cornered, feeling small as I question myself whether I have done a little, if not nothing, of impact.

In other side (the bright one), I am feeling energized. I meet no one of this like in my office. And after meeting them, I have this sense of keeping up with the pace and passion they have; to climb up to the same or exceed the level they are now. Which (I assume) is good, no?

Oh, by the way, I witnessed all these as I participated in Consulting 101 session of IYS this weekend (thanks to all crew for rolling out such an awesome training!). This is compulsory prerequisite for me as a newly appointed Analyst to be equipped with understanding of framework and approach IYS apply to cases/problems. It was indeed very exciting and insightful session! (thanks again to the crew :))

Thus far, I think I am choosing the right new circle. I see lots of inspiring individuals from which I can learn and experience novel things. These will help me achieve my true objectives of joining IYS that include thinking systematically, in a well-structured manner like a silky-suit-wrapped business consultant (which I believe will help me approach cases better in my day-to-day work) and to network with inspiring individuals.

Nadia Comaneci has a great line to conclude my choice to tap into a different wavelength. That says, “You should appreciate the goodness around you, and surround yourself with positive people.”

Let’s have fun and start creating impact! 🙂

A Hello, Again!


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Hello readers!

Been ages not getting in touch with you all *sincerely waving hands virtually to those who have ever visited my blog* but I thank you very much for your time and attention given to each post created here 🙂

First thing first, sincere apologies for being absent from the blog for so long. Last year, I initially intended to launch my gilangreffi.com but the project was successfully failed due to many occurrences in my offline life. Ha! Such a lame excuse, no? But seriously, I was busy with my new job and another job in campus and another job outside the two.

Just to update you, I am now moving to Mindshare Indonesia after previously serving as Publishing & Copywriting Executive in Nutrifood for a brief of time. Both Nutrifood and Mindshare are wonderful places to work for. I love Nutrifood for its superior organization values and I adore Mindshare for its global capacity, leadership, and direct learning opportunities from industry leaders.

Prior to dedicating a full service for Mindshare in March this year, I joined a three-month enrichment session as I was accepted in the firm through Media Master. A unique and rather novel endeavor to snare talent in media industry. The Media Master experience was enlightening, not to mention the great friends and mentors I met during the classes. Thanks to GroupM!

Now, I am a Media Planning Executive focused on servicing a global account from FMCH (Fast Moving Consumer Healthcare) practice. Do you know Panadol and Actifed? If you do, I manage its media business. (Anyways, if you happen to be a media vendor and you think you have a relevant proposal, be it TV program, radio activity, or print idea for the brands, shoot me an e-mail by clicking here).

Well, that is pretty much about me lately. And oh, I should announce that I have lost weight! A LOT. Really! I have cut off 20 kilos of my body weight, reducing up to approximately 17 per cent of body fat. Your curiosity has arisen? You would better be patient 🙂 This time I promise to share you tips from my personal experience to successfully trim the number down.

And before closing this re-introductory post, I acknowledge of my inconsistency to position this blog. But I love doing it this way. Hence, going forward, I might be a little bit (or a lot) random in posting. At some time, I might share my perspective in serious cases. Some other time, I would love to just jot down anything of my scrambled and noisy thoughts. Or else I would share stories and tips. Really, bear with me 🙂

Now it is lengthy that I need to end here. Coinciding the Eid El-Fitr (Islam’s Day of Victory after a full-month fasting in Ramadan), I am herewith taking time to (once again) extend my apology to all of you. May blessings be with all of us. Happy Eid Mubarak! (*)

Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak

“?”: An Alarm


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Film "?" (courtesy: kom101.com)

The film “?” by Hanung Bramantyo reminds me of rainbow, where different colors stand together evenly and not even try to dominate each other. The seven colors appear from one color’s refraction.

Then, what is different in life?

We are heterogeneous who happen to live next to each other (seven colors of rainbow). We worship (one) God that may be ‘refracted’ into several beliefs (the white color). What is not ideal recently is some of us (the color(s)) have tried to dominate each other. My question would be, why getting bothered when you are not bothered? Is it simply because you are dominant (quantitatively)?

This film is an alarm.

An alarm to be respectful to what (or who) is different. Yes, respect! And it is probably noteworthy that there is no need for us to be like ‘the different’ when we express that we respect ‘the different’. I still believe in Islam which teaches me to be respectful. To alert the others (which may include ‘the different’, in some cases) when they are going wrong way, peacefully; not by conducting such brutally destructive symbolic action(s).

Rainbow (courtesy: mario.wikia.com)

Going back to the rainbow ‘law’, I believe that everyone will always be happy to see rainbow (well, at least the children). We (the mature adults), as well, I suppose. Such harmony epitomized by seven colors coming from one spectrum of color (white) amaze us to the max whenever we see it.

Unfortunately, rainbow seldom comes on Earth lately. Rain and sun seem to be reluctant to appear the rainbow where the rainbow law does not work. (*)

It is a just-my-opinion short writing.

Random feeling: Love?


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courtesy: diabetesmine.com

Lately, I come to coffee shop like oftentimes. Yea, that much. Just FYI, I think I have been coffee-addict since last year and the addiction continues up to now. In my campus, I have Coffee Toffee shop. Well, the taste of coffee is not that good, but the price counts. I prefer going to worldwide well-known coffee shop, Starbucks.

Aside than the fact that I love coffee, how Barista (read: coffee maker or coffee master that works to create recipe of coffee or any other beverages) works captivates me. The Barista itself captivates me even more. There was once in my lifetime, the only reason I went to coffee shop is just to see a Barista personally, besides having a tall of coffee, for sure.

It is sexy and attractive. I come and come again. Until the addressed person left and being transferred to the other branch of this franchised Coffee Toffee store. Sad and helpless.

Luckily, Starbucks owns its unique attraction. I am both talking about the coffee and Barista at the same time. The coffee tastes heaven while one of Baristas has been successful to entangle my eyesight. Damn. So sexy and well-cultured. The Barista I address here happened to wave me a Hi! when I walked out the coffee shop. The Barista smiled and expressed heavenly expression that brought me into falling in love. Sigh.

I just impulsively browsed and searched for the profile and found nothing. Again, sad and helpless. Fortunately, the Barista is not (yet) transferred so I can enjoy the ‘scenery’ longer.

Thanks Lord for creating such fine-crafted creature.


And I am still imagining,